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Perkins Advanced Test Center inaugurated

Perkins Advanced Test Center inaugurated

Perkins (Perkins) Engine Co., Ltd. spent £ 190 million to build a state-of-the-art test center at its Peterborough headquarters in the UK to support the development of existing and future products. Over the past three years, Perkins' Global Engine Development Center (GED) has installed a total of 12 new verification test benches and one rotary test bench and upgraded five other test benches. Based entirely on this facility, Perkins newly developed Class 4 emission standard engine passed the most rigorous validation tests and this project is another major investment in Perkins following Peterborough's world-class crankshaft machining center, Enabled in November 2009. Gwenne Henricks, president of Perkins, said: "When we announced the upgrade three years ago, it was undoubtedly a big news that today's fully upgraded facility has become a far-reaching reality." "I think its far-reaching The impact is due to a number of reasons: First, it reflects the quality and capabilities of the manufacturing facilities at Perkins headquarters; it gives our associates more assurance of future career development; it offers customers a better engine with more time-saving processes and savings Energy and, more important, it sends a strong message: Perkins stands at the forefront of engine design and manufacturing processes and delivering product management. "GED has nearly 50 test benches and other specialized gantries that perform a wide range of complex Verification testing, including performance and emissions, mechanical development, durability and transient development.
Robin Woodward, GED's Managing Director, said: "Our vision is to create a highly flexible test center that will support our long-term needs, adding new capabilities that will allow us to fully develop and test The engine that allows them to really fit the customer and the specific application. "
By investing in state-of-the-art facilities instead of outsourcing most of the testing process to other businesses, Perkins will be able to better understand the time it takes to get to market and serve the entire customer base more effectively.
Woodward added: "The test center will give our customers the best quality assurance. The new test bench allows us to copy the way the customer's machinery works, thereby reducing the time for field testing, in other words, our Test speeds will be faster than before, and our test benches will operate 24 hours a day and will be more efficient and customers will not only be able to deliver faster, but delivered engines have all been proven to meet their specific requirements. "
In addition to the customer benefits, the new test bench also achieved a key business goal for Perkins, reducing the environmental impact.
"The new test center has also helped us reach our long-term goal of reducing carbon footprint," said Han Gwann. "There are three test benches here that can generate electricity and send it back to the substation, reducing our reliance on the main grid, saving us 500 megawatts of electricity per year, which equates to 272 tonnes of CO2. An encouraging start, and as more test benches join the use of regeneration technology, will help save further energy. "
Speaking about Perkins, the latest investment in manufacturing processes, Mark Prisk, Secretary of State for Commerce and Enterprise said: "One of the most important parts of the government development plan is to make Britain the best place to invest in business in Europe. I am very pleased that Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. invested 190 million pounds in Peterborough to build advanced test facilities.This is another good proof that all sectors of the British manufacturing industry is so confident. "



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